The Trends

The trends in the markets show
  • Shift towards more healthy and clean food.
  • Increasing demand for leafy vegetables.
  • Increased demand for “green” environmentally friendly products.
  • Increased demand for packaged readymade products.
Cyprus, especially seaside, is an ideal area for the development of our production units due to the prevailing climate and especially the sunshine. The disadvantage of water shortage is solved through the high-tech cultivation technique (NFT) we use.
The Cypriot agricultural products considered qualitatively superior to those produced by the main competing Nordic countries (eg the Netherlands).
Cyprus always had easy access to the vast market of Middle East –Russia – Balkans and Greece

Recent studies indicate that all types of microgreens contain a vitamin concentration 10 to 15 times their amount in mature produce. A person who consumes 15 grams of microgreens is as if he/she had eaten 200 grams of mature produce. To illustrate, if you eat 15 grams of microgreen broccoli, it’s as if you ate 10 broccoli stems.

Our POST-HARVEST process enables us to send products in such a way that the products still arrive in great shape, even after 48 hours.

We sell the microgreens cut, we have less volume and are more efficient regarding logistics. The products’ shelf life is way much better.

We do not even use special packaging or any artificial ingredients. It is just a very precise post-harvesting process.

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