Production Techniques

Nutrition film technique (NFT) 

Nutrition film technique (NFT) is a method of hydroponic growing in which the plant roots are placed in a shallow stream of re-calculating solution that contains all the elements required for maximum productivity.

Unlike traditional growing methods, there is no solid rooting medium with NFT.  

Advantages of using NFT include:

  • Exceptionally high production yields.
  • Significantly lower operating costs.
  •   Extremely efficient production facilities.
  •  Major savings in water and fertilizers.
  •  Longer lifecycles for equipment.
  •  Clean Fresh and tasty products

Our facilities here in Cyprus, host 5000sqm area to produce  our premium hydroponics products using the NFT technique

Expanding Nursery Technique – Microgreens Production

Microgreens-Microleaves are tiny, tiny vegetables, no more than 8 to 14 days old, having just developed their first leaves. They are very tender but have both intense and delicate flavour and they taste, not surprisingly, like a smaller version of what they will be when they grow up

Advantages of using microgreens via expanding nursery technique:

  • Exceptionally high premium production yields.
  • Extremely efficient production facilities.
  • Short production cycle (8-14 days).
  • Cut and ready to use. Uncompromised freshness.
  • Minimum shelf life of 10 days.
  • Clean fresh tasty premium products.

Our facilities here in Cyprus, host 5000sqm area for our microgreens products and can supply more than 800kg microgreens production per week.

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